PoliCTF 2017 - Open Sesame - Forensics

If you’re a real hacker, then open my garage door!” said one of my friends.

Challenge accepted.

Note: the flag is not in the standard format (flag format: [01]+)

Hint: MM53200

We are given a file named gqrx_20170117_220606_433000000_8000000_fc.raw which does not have a common header or known signature inside it. I googled for gqrx which lead to software to receive radio signal. I imported the file in Audacity as a raw audio file using the default settings. Altought the frequency was obviously off, we could see still clearly the data transmitted.

In the datasheet of the MM53200 chip, there’s a diagram that shows how bits are encoded.

A smaller silent gap means a 0 and a larger silent gap means a 1. Since the chip has 12 inputs, 12 bits are transmitted per pulse. This matches the waveform in Audacity. Here is the first pulse decoded.

There are a 8 pulses in the file and to find the one that is the actual garage door code, we have to back to the datasheet.

The transmitter sends the code four times. On the receiver side, it will first check if the 12 bits received matches. If it does, it will expect 3 more pulses that also matches the 12 bits. Afterwards, the transmit/output goes low (which I assume makes the garage door open).

The first pulse is repeated 4 times which means it is the code to unlock the door. The flag is then one of the these pulses that decodes to 011010011000.

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