Reverse 100 (CSAW Reversing 2013 1)

- Mathieu Binette

For this challenge, the first thing I did was to drop the executable into IDA and give it a run with a debugger.

And there’s the flag: flag{this1isprettyeasy:)}

For reference, here were the actual instructions:

.text:01131000 _main           proc near              
.text:01131000                 call    ds:IsDebuggerPresent
.text:01131006                 test    eax, eax
.text:01131008                 jnz     short loc_113101F
.text:0113100A                 push    2               ; uType
.text:0113100C                 push    offset Caption  ; "Flag"
.text:01131011                 push    offset Text     ; lpText
.text:01131016                 push    eax             ; hWnd
.text:01131017                 call    ds:MessageBoxA
.text:0113101D                 jmp     short loc_113105C


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